Odd pets 18
The 32-in-1 kitty pet.
I had waited for a few months to get this one and was very happy to finally have one.
Unfortunately, the choices are the most exciting part of the pet.  I like Hello Kitty but after a while, playing on a kitty shaped pet got weird! Flipping Kitty's head open to play got awkward after a while which in general turned me off to this pet. Pressing the buttons on Kitty's tummy was also weird.

It runs the same way the "8-in-1 Zoo Zone" pet works.  When you are going through the icons, the meters are shown as the icon is selected.
Personally, I like the regular "8-in-1 Zoo Zone" better because of it's traditional shape. The smaller, the better!

The animals shown here are just some of the choices from the start up screen.  Unfortunately, this pet was tward the beginning of the BAD multipets you find now.
last updated: September 14, 2008
virtual pet frogs
Just got it. I have not tried it out yet.
KooKoo, Chick Duck and Pi-Yo bird, GAAA Hippie.
They all run off the Gyaoppi Chip under the bird/chicken growth chart.
The buttons on the Koo Koo were a little hard to push, but the design is nicely unique.    They take a little neglect pretty well and the screens are ncie and bright.   A nice all around pet.
Pocket Pal
Dinosaur and Dog.
The Dog stays a dog while the Dino
is a lizard type creature for a couple of days then a cat and I think an alien.
It's been a while since I have had the Dino version going. I do have pictures of the one I have lose in an earlier page of this section.
I only played with the puppy for a couple of days and tabbed it back up.
I liked it very much, but I had too many pets going again!
These are about the same to take care of as the Dinkie / Hitorikko pets.
You can really only be running this pet and no others. They demand a little extra attention.
Hana hana mi virtual pet
It's a little plant.
There is a male and a female version, though there's really no reason to have a male. The female will leave you a new seed without him.
It's some what a Dinkie style pet. It's quite unique and very cute.
It is some what demanding though. You have to be there to take care of it all the time and as soon as it beeps, you must attend to it.
It takes in actual light to be healthy too. That is what the red area is on the top.