odd 19
Multi pets!!
These are exactly like the original 8-1in-1 Zoo Zone multi-pet.
They are identical to each other, just in different shells.
The meter is shown as you select the icons.

The characters can be quite unique. I'm pretty sure there are some Digimon characters in it as well as other nice little critters.

Some of these are nicer than others.
They all seem to want to promise some thing unique but it's all the same.
Penguin Watch
A very unique pet.
The display is bright and glittery!
The characters are varied and are not all penguin characters.
This pet is very odd though. The first time I had it going, it took quite a lot of neglect and lived for quite a long time but most of the other times I've tried it, it dies quite quickly! It even died within the duration of a phone call when it was getting almost constant attention. I really don't understand the programing there...
The icons are all at the bottom.
The eyes light up as it calls you for attention. It is also quite musical.  I've got mixed feelings about this one.
Cute pet / Eggy!
The character is an alien. In this shell, one would expect it to be a bird of some sort. I'm kind of glad it's an alien. There aren't very many Alien pets floating around.
I have another pet with the same characters and growth. It's the same in every way. I've put screen shots of that one up with My "Eggy" Cute Pet.
Virtual Buddy/Vocal Dino
I'm pretty sure this follows the Gyaoppi growth. I only had it going for two days when I decided I had too many pets going at once.
I will play with this one again.
It's got actual 'google eyes".
It really growls too!
I don't know the name of this one. I bought it out of the package. So we'll just call it white and blue dino until I know otherwise.
This one played a lot like a Dinkie pet. I liked it a lot. Taking care of it was easy and it changed every day until it was at it's final form.
Feeding it meat produced one outcome while feeding it bread and candy produced another outcome. Very much like a Dinkie pet.
The best part was that playing the game made it happy weather you won or lost.