Micro Pet TransX Alien and TamaRobot

I waited for over a year to get that TransX!
I liked this one. I like all pets like this one.
It was easy to take care of and then that lovely big bright screen is always nice to look at.
I liked the character and it was fun to play with but it suddenly died on me on the 3rd day. I guess that's a common trate for this particular pet. I have a friend who described the same problem with hers. All goes well then suddenly it dies. :0(
Z Pets ( Biggy Dino 3-in1 )
Penguin, bird and dinosaur.
I really liked this one. The buttons respond quickly and it was not hard to keep happy AND there were some nice new characters!
This is a pet that was released to the European market.
Bo Bo puppy
An easy to take care of dog. It takes neglect very well and the animations are very cute.
Here, it's in it's second stage of development. As a puppy, it was even cuter!
You're supposed to be able to run two dogs on this and have them mate but I've not gotten that far yet.
This page was last updated: September 14, 2008
64 in 1 watch style pet.

Dr. Slump
Another nice virtual pet made by Bandai, the makers of Tamagotchi.
To get a nice feel for this one, visit my instruction page