This is not really a virtual pet. It's a fortune-telling angel that you carry around with you.
At start up, you input your name, birthdate, blood type, and gender. It will then give you horoscopes and tarot readings.
Link with another Angelscope via the docking port and it (most likely) will see how compatible the two of you are based upon the other person's Angelscope. 
I don't know what to call this one so I'll just call it Cute Pet.
I really liked it. It's a 2 - in - 1 pet with a Duck or Dinosaur. At start up, you chose what you want or you can have it chose for you.
This guy was very nice to play with and has many outcomes.
It runs off the Gyaoppi chip and have the weather screens. It snowed in there for my little dino quite a few times. When there is a weather event (snow, rain, sunny) you give him the appropriate gear. Then it actually shows him wearing it for about two minutes.
It took neglect very well. Even when I was ready for it to leave me, it took a couple of days. The buttons were quick response which I really love too. Overall, this one had a very good feel. I look forward to playing with this one again.
3 - in - 1 Cool Pets
Chose from a fish, dino or chicken.
I don't know if there are different possible outcomes for this one. When I have played with it, it's always grown up to be the character on the choice screen.
The biggest difference in this one if the five buttons! What's that all about? It was not necessary for this pet, just kind of confusing!
It played like a Dinkie pet but wasn't constantly asking for temperature changes like the Dinkies do.
Also, this is one of the few pets that does not have a clock function. You just pull the battery tab and that's it! No clock to set. Weird ( in a nice way ;0)  ).
Beans Collection Venus
(biinsu korekushon viinasu)
Thanks random visitor for clearing that up!
Raise a kid! A diet game.
Input height, weight, age and sex. Take care of him or her (your choice) Feed, snack, sports.
The character keeps gaining weight. Every thing you do influences it.
You have 30 days to meet the weight goal. Take good care of him or he will end up in the hospital.
Check meters and choose appropriate activities
Above average animation and background scenes
The creature matures in to a girl.

Games include a left-right game, basketball, dodging and catching, and hearts/numbers.