=Even more odd pets
Love Puppy
I've not had this one very long so I have not tried it out yet.
MGA  VR creatures  Mermaid.
It's a very nice fish pet. Nice graphics, easy to take care of.
Another multi pet. It features 23 Digimon characters.
I'd like to give this one a try. It looks kind of cute but it's rather loud! (musical) Very annoying. There doesn't seem to be any way to turn the sound off!
At the startup screen, it says "BANDAI". This is not a Bandai pet.
Hamtaro pet.
It's very much like a D-3 Digivice. It is a pedometer type pet. I never would have figured this one out had I not played with the D-3 before.

You go on an adventure and battle characters you meet. It can also connect with pretty much every Digimon there is.
Ku Ma Taro
A nice almost Dinkie type bear.

My Sappling.
An almost spherical shaped virtual pet!
It reacts to light, sound, movement.
The more you play with it, the faster it evolves.
It evolved twice for me one day once.
It's made by Sega toys of Japan. It is an all Japanese pet though easy to understand thanks to Mits's wonderful site Tamagotchi Square.