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4-in-1 Dinkie pets!
Dinkie Dino
Dinkie Alien (Tako Seijin)
Dinkie Penguin (Yuki Penguin)
and the rare Dinkie Puppy!
A very easy going pet. It requires very little attention. Win 4 games a day and you are good to go. It also does not need to be fed much.

When you start it up, you get to choose from 4 pre-programed names.  This might have been the first pet made that you could give names to. 

The characters are extremely reminiscent of the original Tamagotchi characters.

This page was last updated: October 12, 2008
Electronic pocket chicken
It's very Dinkie in the big goofy clunky graphics, the games, sounds and foods. Like a Dinkie, the character is too big to move around the screen so it just kind of sits there, just trying to move.
At first I wasn't really digging it. It seemed too basic but I really liked the almost daily character changes. There were some nice ones. The characters are bird like for the most part. :op
In the end of my 7 day run with this one, I was really enjoying it and it had really endeered it's self to me.
It has 3 food choices, 2 games (left- right and guess low or high on the dice)
It seemed to poo just a wee bit much but not TOO much. Just enough to beep at me every odd hour when break times come up. Sort of embarassing. All in all, it's a pet with a pretty good feel to it. :0)