Cyber Egg
This is another one from Australia.
It says it was made in Melbourne, Australia!
Your average 10-function pet.
More odd pets
Nice regular maintenance pet.
The games are a fishing game where you help him pull a fish out of the fishing hole.

At three days old, you can play the soccer ball kicking game. Either he kicks the ball, or falls flat on his butt.
There are also three foods.
He has many interesting possible evolutions. You can also fast forward his life so it's really possible to run his entire life in one day if you have that kind of time to take almost constant care of him. He is a Gyaoppi type pet.
Virtual Mickey / Cyber Mickey

In this one, you become Mickey's friend.
To become his best friend, you must interact with him every day.
You get to chose what kind of day to have.
Chose a school day, holiday or relaxing day.
This is another one I just got and I have not played with it yet.
Yuki Penguin (also known as the Dinkie Penguin) is one of the first "penguin" virtual pets. "Yuki" means snow in Japanese. This pet is the Dinkie Dino (RakuRaku Dinokun) pet in a "penguin" version.
Unlike Dinkie Dino, Yuki Penguin loves to eat fish, watermelon, pizza & ice cream. I have heard that the outcome is largley based on what you feed it.
Cyber Baby
As far as I've ever heard, this one was only sold at Montgomery Wards, though there is another one like it floating around.
It follows a growth chart a lot like the "Eggy - cute pet" chart as pictured here on my instructions page.