Odd pets 9
Bobo Panda Byte and Baby Byte.
I have played with the panda most.
Those functions are pertty much the same as the girl.
The panda gets 6 different foods, there are two games and you need to dress the panda for the weather. There are three different exercises and you need to groom him too.
Kimko - Baby Byte - Sweet Baby
This info from the package:
Press A or C to select a function. Then press B to perform the function!
How she looks depends on your care.
48 different expressions! 13 hairstyles and outfits.  Read Baby Byte a story to help her become smart.
Calling your Baby Byte makes her happy.  If Baby Byte gets sick give her a shot.
When she's healthy she shows her love.  Your Baby Byte tells you when she's hungry or thirsty.
Baby Byte loves candy, but too much will make her I.Q. go down.  Clean and groom your Baby Byte to keep her healthy and happy.
Feed Baby Byte correctly to keep her healthy. Too much food will make her sick.  Play Rock, Scissors, Paper together. When she wins, Baby Byte gets smarter.   line-segmented LCD screen can give her 48 facial expressions.
The manual lists these Facial Changes: happy anger, sad, cry, hungry, snoozing, sleeping, pain, embarrassed, tense, blinking, making faces, willful, eating, and angry

"Per petual pets", a Nekotcha clone
Nekotcha (Cat) - Inutcha (Dog)    Comes in heart-shaped case or a case with ears and has four buttons.
This is by far  one of the worst virtual pet I have played with. It goes through 8 life stages (if you can keep it alive that long, it goes back to the first stage, explained by the instructions that you "raise it's kitten.")
The pet has a range of functions (feed, bathroom, medicine, exercise, play, medicine, sleep, and dating,) what's available depends on the life stage. Each function has 2 or 3 sub-options only one option* will make the cat happy. Too many wrong selections will kill it. The game is rather non-interactive, you just enter some function, and it makes the cat either happy or sad, there's no animation other than the cat's eyes moving up and down. There is only its happiness to monitor, and it'll never refuse anything which will please it for the particular stage, meaning you can feed it all day long, give it injections to your heart's content, or for the morbid, have it go under the operating knife repeatedly.  Depending on the function and stage, sometimes no options will please it.
Last updated on: February 7, 2007
Pocket Love
The goal is to get 100 love points.
You get points by making them (the boy and girl cat) go out to dinner, make the guy give flowers to the girl, have them go out to the karoke bar, etc..
Funny things happen too. The girl gets upset at the boy cat. Some times he wanders off and she has to lure him back.
Two functions to earn the love points are allowed per day you play.
It was nice but some what slow for me. It's a good pet to have going with another.