Rikou Rikou Chan / Smarty Time Instructions.

(After you've removed the 'tab' and activated the battery)
You will start in clock mode
Or press Enter to enter clock set mode.
The Hour will begin flashing.
Set the current hour by pressing the Left arrow.
Press the right key to set the minutes.
Press Enter to confirm clock settings.
Press Clock to enter game mode.

To switch the sound OFF/ON:
While in game mode, press and hold the "Clock" and "ESC" keys at the same time for 3 seconds.

After you've sent Rikou to School or Tutorial class ( School bus icon)
There are 6 subjects to choose from.
General knowledge,
Chose between the offered subjects with the Down arrow.
A question/problem will be displayed on the screen.
Press the Down key to display the multiple choice answers.
Press the left-right keys to pick the answer then the Enter key to confirm.

(Plus, minus times, division will be displayed on the screen)
At the kindergarten level for Math, you just need to count the number of objects on the screen.

Primary/ high school/ University level:
You will be given an addition problem to solve. It's difficulty will increase with the school level.

(ABC book on the screen)
Kindergarten level:  The alphabet will be displayed for learning.
Primary/high school/Uni level: You are asked to find out a missing letter of an eglish word. 

(Lightbulb on the screen)
General knowledge:
Kindergarten level: You have to match the shape that will fit in the box.
Primary / highschool/ uni level: a picture will be shown tor you to find out it's correct meaning.

(Running kid on the screen)
He's got to run a distance or track within a certain period of time (depending on the school level)
Press left and right keys alternately to start running.

(palette and brush on teh screen)
A cursor will blink on a blank screen.You can draw your won picture by using hte four directional buttons and pressing Enter.
Use Esc key to finish.

(Musical notes on screen)
Select this to play a melody.

Be sure to take Rikou home. Select the school bus icon to take him back home.
He eats and is entertained and stidues at home.