Santa Gotchi
Santa Gotchi! Santaclautch
Santagotchi consists of collecting items that you use to change his appearance.
The items will change Santas appearances until you give him a different item.
Like for the first few days, I was getting all the guys on the chart that have their names in black.
When you give him food, he stores in a little cooler. He eats when he wants too. Nice little change from the usual.
Some times he gets a little sad and wants a letter from the kids to cheer him up. If he's sad for too long, he will leave then you have to call Super Kuchipatchi to drag him back on the screen.
Thanks Mits at Tamagotchi Square for translating the Santa chart!
Without that, this chart would still be in Japanese. :0)
Last updated on: July 21, 2007