Before your Tamagotchi hatches: Set the date and time. Then it's time to enter your own birthday.
When your Tamagotchi hatches, its gender is set (black for a boy, and white for a girl).
Give your new-born Tamagotchi a name.

The tama will go through stages of growth.
Infant stage,
Rebellious stage,
Adolescent stage,
Breeding stage.

(1)The Check Meter
Shows: Hunger/Happiness, Discipline, age and it's name.

The first option is Meals, then Snacks.

You will get a little warning before it poops. There will be little stink lines around it. Quickly get to the toilet icon so it can use the potty, otherwise you will have to clean it up when it's on the screen. ( There is little warning )

If your Tamagotchi does well and succeeds in a game, its mood improves.
Dance Game: It's a remember the moves game. You will use all 3 buttons.
Hurdle Game:  Jump each hurdle. This game seems to go for ever! You have to miss to end the game.

(5)Infrared communications
This function is used to communicate with other people's Tamagotchis. Communicating with another Tamagotchi many times may raise your Tamagotchi's Closeness Level* for that particular friendship. If a friendship reaches the True Love level, the couple can make a Love Marriage (as opposed to having an Arranged Marriage), and give birth to the next Tamagotchi generation.

Exchanging presents
When two Tamagotchis become friends, either one can jump across and deliver a present to the other. Depending on what the present is, their Closeness Level will change. There are good presents such as cake and flowers, and bad presents such as monsters!

Balloon-Popping Game, Gobbling Contest
Two Tamagotchis can start a game of their own accord. In the Balloon-Popping Game, the first one to pop the balloons wins. In the Gobbling Contest, the first one to eat all the food is the winner. The better your Tamagotchi's general condition, the more likely it is to win the game.

The first option is Scolding. The second option is to Praise. When he asks for attention with full meters, scold him. When he does some thing good, be sure to praise him! 

(7)Medical care
If the skull icon or the toothache icon appears, your Tamagotchi is sick. Use this icon to cure.

At night, turn off the light when your Tamagotchi goes to sleep.

(9)Tamagotchi Notebook
The names of friends your Tamagotchi has played with can be stored in a Friends List holding up to 50 entries, and displaying the Closeness Level for each one. And, if your Tamagotchi has received a toy or a dress-up item as a present, this can be stored away as a prized possession.

* What does "Closeness Level" mean?
When your Tamagotchi plays with the same Tamagotchi friend on multiple occasions, their Closeness Level will go up.
Typical sequence of changes in Closeness Level:
Acquaintance -> Friend ->
Close Friend ->
Very Close Friend ->
Sweetheart -> True Love
(If both Tamagotchis are of the same gender, their Closeness Level can only progress as far as Very Close Friend.)

Arranged Marriage
When it has been at the breeding stage for 3 full days, Mrs. Busybody will appear, bringing a photo of a potential marriage partner. Your Tamagotchi can then meet this potential partner, and go on to get married and have children. So you don't NEED another tama of the opposite gender to have babies. :0) Click here to see pictures of the arrainged marriage sequence.

Caring for a Tamagotchi parent and child
If you are taking care of a Tamagotchi which has just become a parent, it will initially take care of its own child. When it is about one day old, the child will separate from its parent, and you will then need to give the child a name and start taking care of it.
Tamagotchi Plus Instructions